I need hairstyles to do other than straight hair with flat iron?

so i'm 25.. my hair for some reason is becoming very dry. It used to be so pretty: wavy and shiny. Now there is no wave. Just a volume in the back of my head although I don't use iron. Once I use it my hair lose it waves after shower.. although straight hair looks good and presentable on me especially in pony tail.
Oh I forgot: I have medium to olive skin, dark brown hair and eyes, oval face, nice cheeks and deep set eyes.
Can you give me some styles?
Thank you


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  • You could try doing heartless curls using rollers, flexi rods, or just braiding it at night to prevent damage. To repair the damage that's already been done to your hair, you could try deep conditioning and/or using hair masks.

  • Apply pure coconut to your hair... will really soften it up :)


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