How important are looks to guys?

just wondering how important it is.. because I'm tired of guys who barely know me pretty much falling in love with me just because of the way that I look.

and what do you really think that sex is just a bonus? or would you leave a chick if it didn't progress to the next level quick enough? and how soon do you expect sex? ha ha :P 21 questions :P hhahah

thanks for your help xoxox


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  • I basically believe looks attract the opposite sex (or sometimes the same sex), but in the long run looks alone won't make a relationship. If you meet a beautiful girl and nothing else is there in the way of personality, interests, intelligence, etc. who cares.

    • Yeah that's true :) ha ha I declare.. I am not talking to guys ever anymore.. because I I'm just being nice so I talk.. then they get really.. weird.. and won't leave me alone... lol :P no guys for me anymore :P hahaha

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  • Looks are fairly vital in guys approaching you in the first place but one they get to know you (and this may sound like a cliché), the value of looks start to fade and other factors like personality come into the equation.

  • Not very to me. I mean obviously I need to be attracted to the girl, but looks fade and love grows. Sex is very important in a relationship. A healthy sex life is crucial.

    • :) OK love. thanks.. ha ha its just because like... so many guys I barely know just keep texting me or trying to contact me.. its like wtf you don't even know me... lol

      thanks again :)

    • You must be super hot.

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