How many of you have encountered cute guys that show no emotion or interest?

I am one of those guys. I can see that girls are attracted to me, but I don't act on my feelings because I don't want to deal with girls my age since they act too immature for me. Eventually they stop being attracted and are just friendly. How many guys have you encountered like this? Is it unusual for a good looking guy to be like this? I am also shy so sometimes when I do want to act on my feelings I am afraid the girl will reject me since every time it has happened in the past when I was younger I was rejected very harshly in public.


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  • First off. who cares if your rejeted? I have have been rudely rejected, and I have rudely rejected people as well. its no big deal just move on. And speaking from a girls point of view I tend not to show any emotion unless the guy is intersting, though sometimes if I think he is really shy I might give him a smile, if he smiles back that's all the incentive I need. Just give a smile and that's all you need to do.


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