What should I wear, how should I flirt?

ok so I'm a girl who mostly hangs out with guys. I try to flirt but don't know how, I try to look good for a boy and I end up looking dumb, I need help on knowing how to flirt and what guys would like me to wear and stuff like that. I need advice.


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  • Flirting is an indication of your interest in a guy. one of the things I do is hint at what we could do, for example:

    I have some massage oil at home, I need to find a use for it.

    I was with this girl and she was the worst kisser, I wonder if anyone around here is better?

    My main weapon is push pull, its my favorite because I stole it from you girls (give you back your own medicine : p) The basic theory is that you give a comment and pull your target in, thinking they have one validation, then push them back by reducing the value of the comment. as seen here:

    I love your smile <(pull) Its got to be the fourth or fifth best smile I've seen today <(push) These techniques raise attraction and they're unisex, it doesn't matter what gender you are, we all comply to the same rules. As for what to wear, find our own style, something that you feel good about yourself wearing. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who is confident in who she is. You need to find the clothes that accomplish that for you.

  • When something that keeps you looking nice and pretty to see because that is what is key. Flirting is not giving all away. Keep the minds active and happy with the boys.But keep your respect and it will work


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