I can't decide if I should go with clean shaven look or if I should keep a light stubble?

If Im clean shaven I feel more cleaner, "prettier" and younger and with stubble I feel more manly, more masculine but older. What should I go with and which one do girls prefer?


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  • It depends on how old you are, below 30 I'd say 5 o'clock shadow but above 30 I'd go clean shaven. If your older it makes you look younger but if your younger you'd like to look older etc. Just do whatever makes you happy man and if someone finds you attractive more or less they'll let you know

    • Im 28 and yes I look younger clean shaven and older with facial hair. Not sure whetever its better to look younger or older but I prefer to look like Im in twenties.

    • Then go clean shaven bro, I'd say that would give you the look you want or just a mustache

  • More. cleaner is ado uble negative and counters the statement, so you feel dirty clean shaven. Just a pet peeve, sorry


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