What are your go-to looks?

What are your go-to, night on the town, looks?

I want ideas cause I'm going out this weekend with my girlfriends, and I can't think of anything I would like to wear! And, makeup ideas.
If you ladies, and gentlemen, would like to give me some ideas, that would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I would dress like a freakin queen. But you should ask what your friends are wearing so you won't look out of place. But usually at this age we tend to dress pretty fancy, don't we? I'd go with a little tight dress or sparkly top & mini skirt.


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  • Jeans, cute top and boots. Simple but always feel sexy in it.

    Makeup, I'm either about the winged eyeliner or smokey eye. Hair down and wavy and babaaam.

    • That is exactly what I picked out, but I added heels and a leather jacket. Can we be friends? lol
      We think alike.

    • Heeled boots, cos its effin cold.

      Yes we can.

  • Leather leggings are always a sexy choice, you just feel sexy wearing them lol


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