I like her but I can't even look at her?

I'm fine talking to girls I don't like or who I'm comfortable with, but with this girl I'm like, I'm having a hard time even looking at her. I mean, yesterday, I made progress because I talked to her and joked around with her and made her laugh and then today, I had several opportunities to do so, but I didn't...and when she passed by, I didn't even look at her. Now I fear I screwed up the whole thing and it's now pointless.

I don't know--I know I need to be more confident. But is there a point now, if I ruined it with her?


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  • Soul Sibling! The exact same thing happens to me whenever I am around an attractive guy, it's difficult for words to come out right and eye contact suddenly get much more difficult.

    The girl must have been really beautiful if you had a difficult time looking at her.

    In Western cultures, eyes say volumes, volumes, volumes! It can express desire and interest in someone else. Failure to look at someone could be misconstrued as being uninterested when really, that is the furthest from the truth. I am not western and therefore, I used to take averting eyes as a sign of respect by showing inferiority. Please don't do that, I realize now how unattractive that can look especially when you want to flirt/impress someone.

    Look at yourself in the mirror and seriously muster up the confidence.

    If for only one day (Today) you screwed up by not taking advantage of your time/not looking at her, chill out. It's silly to think you are ruined over a small misstep like this. My suggestion is...Tomorrow, come back like the fire. Be a confident devil and sweep her off her feet! Don't be afraid to look in her eyes even if you have to force yourself too. Remember, she probably wants to talk to you and much as you want to talk to her. You are definitely NOT ruined. Best of luck. Hope this helps you.


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  • no you didn't ruin it with her. You just have to look her in the eyes ever chance you get. There is still hope trust me.


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  • I try to look everyone I meet in the eyes. It really says something. You're attentive. You're sincere. You're interested. Make eye contact. It's important.