Do guys care if your girlfriend shows skin??

Does it bug you if your girlfriend wears revealing clothes?My boyfriend didn't mind it when we first started dating and now he does...what's up with that?

well why does my boyfriend all the sudden care? We have been together for 2 years now...


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  • first he found you attractive because of he's concerned that others may fantasise you or get attracted to you so he wants to be safe. Would he mind if you were wearing small clothes or even not at all when you're alone with him?

    normal psychology..nothing to be worried of


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  • Absolutely not! My wife can show as much skin as she wants. I love it when other guys check her out. It's awesome to know that she's desireable to others and going home to my bed.

    • RE Update: He's feeling threatened for some reason. He thinks that you'll leave him for one of the guys checking you out. Did you lose weight recently? For some reason he doesn't want you to have as much "contact" with other guys.

    • No I haven't lost weight...

  • i don't mind at all...i don't care if some staring @ my girlfriend, that"ll make me proud of her, but if someone dare to touch then I'll crush his nut sack

  • some guys see what happens when other girls show to much skin then end up getting hurt or something and they do not want that to happen. also he might not want people to think you are a whore not saying you are


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