I've grown to not hang around 'unattractive people' of late, it was never this way before Why the hell is this happening?

I may sound like total wuss right now, but like honestly, I can't really spend much time around people I find unattractive. It's really bad because i never had such a problem before, but now it's just come about. Before I barely cared about these things, now it has changed completely. I wish to change this because actually great conversations happen with every person and I'm missing out on too much. It'd weird, because this complex is really odd all together.


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  • because "someone" got on your mind as of late and you want to find the girl looking similar to her plus the connection you had with her through talking? You are in search for love, love is complex enough to drive some people insane. :D Until you are with someone permanently, this will fade and you will be fine.

    • I think this is the best and the most sensible thing I've ever heard in the shortest amount of time.

    • You're right, it honestly is that! Shit!!

    • I am glad to be of help, :) Thank you.

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  • Well, it's normal to want to be around or hangout with attractive people. It's just sociology and biology. We all want to be around those that don't look abnormal or feel would be shunned or isolated from society. It's a defense mechanism that we don't associate ourselves with those that we or others deem abnormal in some way.

    • Yeah but why is that happening now when I'm 20. It never happened before.

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  • Attractive males too? Or just women

    • Just women

    • Is there someone you didn't get over?

    • Sort of. I was obsessed with an ex, reality was, I was never attracted to her in that way, just forced myself to like her and Bam.

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  • It’s ok unless you think that about me. Then we got problems.

    • he got love on his brain, why would he want you on his brain? :D

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    • @Eleotriaday right but what do I do get over this silly complex?

    • Don’t hate.

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