People who wear glasses, do you wear your newest pair given? Is it best to wear the newest pairs given from the opticians?

What do you do with your old glasses you use to wear? Serious question


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What Girls Said 2

  • The old glasses just sit somewhere but the new are supposed to be your updated prescription so it they would work best it'll just take a little whole to get used to

  • I usually do. The last time I got new glasses... I had no choice but to wear them... Since my last pair got ruined.

    • How did it get ruined?

    • In a car accident. Haha

    • Ok haha.

      Should I always try to wear my nearest pair of glasses?

What Guys Said 1

  • I would use the new pair because in time your eyesight gets worse. You prescription can be changed and wearing your old prescription can worsen your eyesight. With your old pair you can take it to target, walmart, eye doctors and they have bins that they donate to kids who dont have money to buy glasses.

    • Iā€™m in the uk but I understood.

      You wear glasses?

      I should wear my newest pair given yes?

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    • Thank you

    • You're very welcome šŸ˜„

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