What is drunken "just sex" when a guy is trying to get over you?

my boyfriend has always said he wanted to marry me, be with me forever, and has always thought we were supposed to be together, he is amazing. we have been together for 3 years. BUT, one problem has happened... I got to where I would break up with him to get attention... at first I got what I wanted then I guess it started to get old to him. He had text these girls whose numbers were just given to him just to see what they would say... just to feel needed and wanted. He didn't know these girls or anything. He and I were still talking even though we were on bad terms.. because of what I kept doing with the fussing and breaking up. Then even though he is mr. perfect and strives to have a relationship like his grandparents... things got out of hand with he and i. He tried to get over me.. this is what he said. So he had "just sex" with four girls he didn't even know when he was completely drunk... he was the one to text them only two times. the other times the girl was just brought around him by his best friend's girlfriend. I JUST NEED SOME ADVICE, please! I am a virgin... and am waiting til marriage with him. we are 21 and this has become a major issue with me and he is the guy I had planned on marrying... I think about it constantly, and think if he thinks I am his true soul mate, how the heck could he do this? he told me that during this break up, he thought about me all the time. He has cried about all of this himself... I just stress constantly that he remembers them, and thinks about them, and their cute underwear and compares me or something, idk!

I just need an insightful answer and opinion. Not necessarily an answer to that question.


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  • 1. You screwed up in the first place.

    2. He's still a jerk for ``just having sex'' with girls when drunk.

    3. Get out of this loop. If he's unfaithful to you now, chances are he'll also be in the future --- but only ``when he gets drunk.'' and you aren't on good terms.

    • He isn't unfaithful, and he has never been. We were broke up because I kept breaking up with him and he got tired of it; I thought it didn't bother him, but he said it majorly bothered him. It was WAYYY out of his character

    • If you push anybody to close to the edge eventually they're either going to go over it or walk away from it. Nobody likes being pressured.

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  • You broke-up with him to get his attention but he did not really know that did he? He though you actually broke-up with him forever... do you have any idea what you did to him? 3 Years are not easy to get over. He got so drunk because he was trying to get over you... I think that is exactly what happened...

    Take him back before it's too late if you still want him... once he gets over you there is NO WAY you guys can be together again.


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  • I'm going to give it to you straight, no candy coating anything. You caused the present problems. He sounds like a great guy and he probably deserves better than a girl who's going to act infantile because she's not getting as much attention as she wants. You didn't say he never gave you attention; you said you would break up with him to get it. That's not cool! He has a life too! He shouldn't be texting other girls, no, but you made him insecure. If it's a problem for you, fix it or move on. The damage can't be undone and the only person who can right the wrongs in this situation is you.