What type of qualities do guys look for in girls?

For example:




And other things like that. I'm just curious, they sorta puzzle me.


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  • When it comes to personality I like a woman that's hyper,friendly,funny,open-minded,not-judgmental, and sarcastic. As far as looks go, I'd like a woman with nice big lips,big ass,and long legs. Although I'd be willing to settle for a woman like Cassadee Pope. When it comes to interests I'd want them to be obsessed with music as much as I am or even more. If she's really funny then its OK if we don't like a lot of the same bands. I'd want them to be a baseball fan, if not then that's OK. She should love to play video games. She should also be able to appreciate the simple things in life.


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  • If Its someone I don't know then I approach mostly due the looks (not the slutty Look more the girl next door look) but if the personality and intrests aren't there then I back off. If it's someone I know then personality and intrests come before looks by a long shot.

  • horny


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