My friend's eyebrows randomly just stopped growing.. HELP - What would cause this?

My friend just told me tonight that her one eyebrow completely slowly fell out and the other one is doing the same. Literally there is no hair left on the one it's super smooth and apparently this started happening in June and no sign or regrowth. I feel so bad for her and she is having all sorts of medical tests done but nothing has been found yet. Does anyone have experience of any sort or heard of this before. She's 22 years old and perfectly healthy.. not going through any cancer treatments or anything of that sort. She hasn't been using any different face, make up, hair or any lifestyle changes. So help we are clueless! Any experience or anyone you know have this ever happen? Also is there anything you can do to make eyebrows grow back? Hopefully they do! I feel terrible! I want to help her out anyway possible.


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  • Alopecia.

    Look it up - unexplainable hair loss. I had a chuck of my hair fall out for no particular reason - thank God it was in a place hidden. It affects people differently - for some they lose some hair for others all.

    When I went to the doctor - she prescribed a steroid, gave me a dermatologist referral and told me to take some prenatal vitamins to try and stimulate my hair growth. Fortunately, it worked for me - without having to see the dermatologist (who would have put steroid shots in my head). No more hair fell out and my hair grew back.

    It is an unexplainable condition. I was told that the body attacks the hair follicles like a foreign body and causes it to fall out. But that was just speculation.

    Hopefully for your friend it will be temporary like it was for me. If not - there are thousands of people who suffer from it. It is more psychologically painful than physical - but there are support groups and everything if it gets worse.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the helpful advice! I'll have to forward her your comment! Hopefully it works for her as well!

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  • You should be taking your friend to different doctors for medical advice rather than asking on the Internet. Doubtful anyone here will be able to help you.

    • Obviously you didn't read my question... I said she is having all sorts of "medical tests done". So far they can't find anything wrong so I was ASKING if anyone had any experience with it!

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