The Blind Buy: Have you ever bought something and regretted it?

I went to buy perfume at Deb. I smelled a few perfumes (on my own) and was hesitating between two. I went to ask one of the store helper for the final price (it was on sale). He suggested another perfume, and I smelled it. It smelled so great. I didn't take it immediately, but I ended up doing so, to my stupidity.

The perfume smells great, but after 30 minutes or so it literally disappears. It is an expensive perfume of an Italian store. It's not very known, though. I literally wasted my money in this blind buy.

I always avoid store helpers because they make one smell too many perfumes and one ends up buying the wrong smell. Now I was tricked in a very nice way!

Tell us about your blind buys!


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  • Yes. I bought some coins at a pawn shop for 30 bucks than found the same exact coins online in much better condition for 6 bucks


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  • Hellboy the videogame

    Ah what a waste of 30$

  • Mostly


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