Why won't my hair color change?

About 3 months ago I dyed my hair a red color, and since then I have wanted to go blond. so about a month after dying it red I planned on going a light brown, then blond. but when I dyed it the light brown, instead of going the color it went on the box it went a very dark browny red.

I did some research into hair dye removers and I found this product which is sold in quite a few stores called 'color b4' which shrinks the hair molecules in your hair so you can simply wash away your hair dye and it should go back to our natural color. 2 weeks ago I used the color b4 and it did go a lot lighter, a sort of gingery light brown. As it said on the packet I waited a week for my hair to 'rest' and then dyed it blond. However the dye didn't work, it only took it a lighter shade of the gingery brown, so I dyed it with a very expensive dye thinking that would do the trick, but again it just took the gingery brown a slightly lighter shade again.

I really need some help or advice on what I should do, I have been considering getting my hair bleached. If anyone has any advice on what I could use, or why my hair won't dye, please let me know :)


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  • You're going to fry your hair if you continue to dye it different colors so often. I would suggest you visit a salon and get some professional help before you waste any more money trying to do it yourself.


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  • Depending on what your hair was like before, (what colors were in it naturally, and what shape it was in) the red will stick to it more. I have that problem with mine. It naturally has a red tint to it, so if I dye it a color that has any red in it, it will be more red than it should be.

    You are doing WAY too much damage to it in a short time. Give it a rest, let some of the color grow or wash out then try it again. And do it professionally next time.

  • you have to dye your hair a very light color then die it something a bit darker so like bleach blond then it will originally turn darker