Are white guys scared of asking us dark beauties out?

IS this myth true or just something us dark girls tell ourselves. are white guys afraid to ask us out because they fear were going to turn them down...i see them starring and smiling but they NEVER end up coming it a case of look but don't touch or fear? HELP... I think they're so cute but scared they'll totally turn me down too?


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  • Lol! iv been answering this question too much recently :P, no its a myth, its more likely something that applies to individuals, I doubt its really possible to catagorize peoples likes and dislikes based on appearence, same with women, it just comes down to a matter of personal preference and to some degree I believe influence is a big factor as some people fail to grow past their influences as a child. I could be wrong on this so don't quote me but I think for the most part some white mens hesitation to black females for the most part are from those within the u.s., there seems to be more of a bad social stigma attached to datign black women as opoosed to other countries but I could be wrong.

    I have no problem with dark black girls, to be honest I never really viewed them any differently, I suppose to some guys if they are thinking along simple terms they might assume she won't be interested, some times the guy might purely not have an attraction and vice versa, perhaps the ones you seen might not be so sure, you shoudl probably try to give off more than suttle hints to them

    • Hahahaha, thanks very very answer...but for petes sake how much more out there does one get before literally running up to a man and throwing my arms around his neck!!! hehehe. thanks again

    • Ooh awsome! sounds like the perfect flirting technique actually ;). as you know a lot of guys are awful at picking up hints, generally if you wanted them to know tour interested, I think you'd need to at least be a bit more obvious. not every guy will have the problem of not being able to pick it up but a lot will lol

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  • Hell no, Mademoiselle!... When I was still single, I would give you a good look. I've bought many a drink (or three) for, as you put it, "dark girls"... I have to be honest, the ones I always find hot think there's something wrong with me (?). As in crazy... to think they are hot, too?

    In short. I am not afraid. If I like a girl, it's because she's a GIRL, and not because she's a white girl, or a black girl, or whatever...

  • its definitely true. I live in the the U.S. and in the state I live there a racial heirarcy is most cities and it goes like this black and hispanic, asian and exotic black, white. blacks and hispanics are the majority in the cities. when I say exotic black I mean for blacks from the middle east and east asia and stuff like that. Its actually like that in most of the U.S. where I live I never see black or hispanic girls with white guys, well I've seen a few times. I personaly would be afraid of a harsh rejection because of my race.

    • Thats sad

    • Yeah kinda sucks, especially since I only usually like black, hispanic and asian girls

    • The racism lessen though as you get older, like around 20 people start realize how stupid it

  • It is possible that they are scared... specially if we are talking about race... it can be intimidating to some guys specially the first time... I don't know why its just what I hear :\ ... maybe its a matter of different attitudes... some guys don't know how to handle that

    • Ok but if were eying each other or your smiling at me, and I'm smiling back..arent I giving you a go ahead??

    • You are... in that case the dude is a chicken :)

      Like I said I dunno......

  • I'm just not attracted to black girls.

  • Lack of attraction usually. I don't do the ghetto thing, and most black girls I know are that way.

    • Which country is new on this thing but I find that most american men are saying this..why?

    • America. Most black girls in my city are ghetto. Talk ghetto, dress ghetto, have illegitimate children everywhere. Not my style.

  • What do you mean by "dark girls". Are you referring to African American?

    • Im not african purely african ( south africa) and not neccesarily dark ( they can be light too, but pure black) sorry I probably should have phrased the question differently

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