Girls, Wearing these, is it just a 'bedroom' thing?

I like these and I find them kinda sexy. Plus I don't like regular tights.
Also, are they expensive/easy to buy? What do you say? Girls, Wearing these, is it just a 'bedroom' thing?


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  • They’re easy to buy and wear, but take some getting used to and finding a brand that fits and lasts well for you

    • Oh really? Are they expensive?
      And from what I can tell, you can adjust the holding straps can't you?

    • They don’t have to be, I like Berkshire ones and they’re not really expensive. On most garters there should be adjustable straps

    • Okay I'll google those and see :) and yeah I though they'd be adjustable. As long as they're not uncomfortable or a nuisance then that sounds quite fine

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