Girls, Im thinking of getting my nipples pierced, advice please?

I'm really not the type you would expect to want this done but I'm thinking of secretly getting my nipples pierced.

How painful?

How long does it take to heal?

Is it awkward or uncomfortable when you go to the piercing shop?

May e a stupid question but how easy are they to hide?

Once they're healed, how arousing/good does it feel?


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  • 1. Very painful, but only for like 2/3 second each nipple.
    2. It takes a couple months if you're using the spray, but i've read it never really heals.
    3. no! She deals with it daily so it's not awkward or anything.
    4. Very easy, just wear a bra and no one can tell.
    Just first week you need to cover them with a bandaid so you might not be able to hide that really well.
    5. My nipples became way more sensitive like a week after getting them

    • That doesn't sound too bad then haha :) I'm definitely thinking of getting them done now

    • You should 😃 it makes you like your nipples more, like some sort of jewelry

    • I could even get them done tomorrow after work if I'm brave enough!
      And yeah, I've seen tons of different styles of jewellery you can get

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