How long does it take to loose face fat and get that jawline poppin?

When you're not overweight to begin with
just a little skinny fat.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Surprisingly long. The face is one of the last places fat is added, and the last to come off.

    • Some expert told me that abdominal are is the primary fat storage for men, maybe for women it maybe last but for a young man it's one of the first places you loose weight.

    • Then that's probably the best answer.

What Guys Said 1

  • For me I see a change in my face fat as soon as I lose that initial water weight, then for a while nothing, then as I get closer to my goal weight the face starts to get leaner again. I do bodybuilding training so have bulked and cut several times over the years, and this is what I have observed everytime. Everyone might experience it differe tly though

    • Yes, water weight is definitely an issue for me.
      Could you tell me how much do you drink everyday in order to get the water weight off and how long do you think it would take?
      could i see some changes in a week?

    • Sorry that this reply is so late. That's a good question though. It sounds counterintuitive, but to get your body to expel the water it's holding on to, you actually have to drink more water at first. I am 6' and around 190 pounds when lean. I drink about a gallon a day (4 litres in Europe) when cutting, and maybe 2/3 when I'm maintaining my weight. However if you want fast results you can cycle your water intake, so everyone know and again have a period where you drink only a litre a day for two or three days. If you want to see results within a week I would opt for the reduced water intake for the last three says of the week, whilst at the same time throwing in some cardio. I wouldn't reduce my calories too much but eat clean during this time and make sure you include a f*** load of fruit and vegetables. Good luck 😊

    • Appreciate it, my man.

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