How important is it for a guy to look good in jeans?

okay this question is for the first impression type of dates. I'm a huge fan of jeans, specifically speaking slim straight jeans(the not too tight ones but makes some people look masculine/muscular). I'm really against baggy jeans only because it looks terrible on me and I think it makes most guys look heavier. Preferably I love going out in nice dark wash denim.. Do girls like this style? I know every girl is different but I'm just curious. =P


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  • it doesn't matter, as long as there fitted and flattered to your body, nothing too skinny that I can see your crotch/muffin top or not too baggy that they are gonna fall off ha ha dark wash slim jeans sound sexy.


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  • Well if you can puLl it off and it looks good then it should be attractive ^.^


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