Thinking of getting a tattoo?

I am thinking of getting a tattoo, I am trying to decide where to get it, and for the design, I want something that is meaningful, but I can't figure out any ideas lol. If I do get one, it will be from someone who designs them beforehand.

Any tips on where to put it, and how to figure out one that will be meaningfull/have a story behind it?


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  • Tattoos are a prsnl thing, each one holds different meaning to the prsn who gets them even the body part where they get it.
    So i think you should decide it yourself.
    But to answer your question, i will make a dragon in left side pf my neck.


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  • Just be really careful on where you put it if I were you I'd get it somewhere that it would be covered by a shirt just because visible tattoos could limit the amount of jobs available

    • Haha I have my own company so thats not a problem ;) but yes i was thinking maybe shoulder of chest? As it is easy coverable

    • I think id get it on like the back of my shoulder but it's all up to you

    • ah ok, didn't think of there :P

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  • I have a tombstone on my back

  • You will live to regret it. Everyone does.


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