Who wins on comfort guys or girls?

  • who wins on comfort guys or girls?chick wearing a choker
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  • who wins on comfort guys or girls?dude wearing an open neck shirt
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  • I'll have to first try the choker then i would b able to answer this

    but i think guy would win

    • chokers can feel quite tight and restricts breathing lol - I wear mine everyday cuz it feels sexy wearing it around guys

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    • when boys are grown up they can choose for themselves. at least you don't have to wear a choker to look hot

    • you don't really have to look 'hot' to win hearts.

      here, nobody does it.

      person who likes you becoz you're hot , do you think, he will really love you and want to keep you happy?
      i dont think so, he'll just want to play with your body.

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