Why do I look better without makeup?

Serious question, I look worse, my skin looks dried out. The moment I take it off I look and feel my best, maybe a little tired but I genuinely look better with my fave moisturiser and a little lipstick
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  • You're not applying it properly
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  • That's great, natural is great


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  • For all the really naturally pretty people makeup usually distorts more than it makes your looks better.
    I know it seems weird, but if you're naturally pretty, or if your face can't handle a lot of makeup you might just not be the type of a person who would wear a lot of makeup.
    Use it to enhance and conceal some discolorations, don't use it to mask your face.


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  • It could be any of those

  • It's because you're not applying it properly.

    • Well even when someone puts it I get the same result.

  • You're probably not applying it correctly.

    • Even when someone puts it on me, it's still looks bad.

    • You probably need to find the right shade for your face and skin tone. Or your skin is oily and makes the make up look bad.

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