What are your thoughts on men who usually dress for comfort instead of style?

Unless I'm going to formal event, I typically don't dress up much, even if I'm in public. A tshirt and gym shorts are A-OK with me in about 99% of settings. The way I see it is that a prospective SO who immediately throws me to the wayside based on how I dress is too judgmental for me anyways. Also, I hate wearing clothes that don't grant me a full range of mobility, such as jeans.

So I guess my question is this: what are your standards when it comes to the way men dress? (Yes, im talking specifically about men.) Where's the line where a certain type of dress immediately sells you a one way ticket to anywhere on the "nope" train?


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  • Honestly, I don't prefer it. You don't have to dress amazingly for me to be happy and I don't mind if my guy wears comfort clothing, everyone does, but 100% of the time seems like you don't care about your appearance. I dress nicely, I present myself with style and my man appreciates it - loves it actually, and I appreciate it from him too. If he dresses like a bum all the time it kind of reflects a little on his character. He's a super attractive guy and he got into the habit of dressing kind of sloppy until I gently brought it up.

    At the end of the day, it's about attraction. If you're cool with a girl who also just wants to be casual and not done up then I think you're solid, but more stylish and put-together girls are not likely to prefer that.

    Now that isn't to say he has to be in a suit and tie with product in his hair, but have a little more style than walking around in clothing that could pass as pyjamas all of the time.

    • When I am at home i am wearing female panties and skirts , because its comfy :)
      Is that normal , lol?

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    • so being lesbian and gay is not normal also?
      oh girl... you just messsed up...

    • @girlslikeintheas I never talked about anything regarding sexuality, so I haven't messed up. You asked me if I thought you wearing women's underwear was normal, I said no, as it is generally not normal for guy's to wear women's clothing. That doesn't make it wrong, it makes it uncommon. I think there's nothing wrong with being of another sexuality by the way, I never made any remarks about sexuality. YOU did. So don't try to twist it around just because you're butthurt.

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  • I have a lot of respect for people who dress for functionality over fashion and comfort. They seem to have their priorities straight.

  • As long as you look clean and are confident, it's okay with me.


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  • I think its lazy.
    Not always wearing a suit, but a reasonable outfit is a musthave for me.

  • Like you said, unless for a formal event, I say dress for comfort. Smart casual comfortable.

  • Dressing comfortably is the only way to dress


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