Girls, How do YOU Measure Your Bra Size?

I own several different brands of bras and I'm not totally happy with the fit of any of them. Every lingerie brand gives a slightly different way for measuring but these are what I just got (wearing a slightly padded push-up right now)
under bust: 30
bust: 34
that weird above-the-bust measurement that only Victoria's secret does: 32-33 depending how I do it
I get the same when I wear a t-shirt bra
At most stores these measurements give me a 34A size (or 34AA if they sell it). But almost every bra I own in that size gapes at least a little bit at the cup and the underwire digs in and marks my sternum on some others. The 34 band on my bras varies a lot from brand to brand. Have you ever had an in-store fitting done and did it help?


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  • I've never measured. I just buy the smallest size lol


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