Who Should NOT Wear Skirts?


This is the skirt I'm thinking of wearing...I'm wondering,when should a girl not wear a skirt because of her appearance?

Like me,I have scars on my legs from when I was younger and was very...clumsy one could say...when should a girl not wear a skirt?


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  • You shouldn't wear that particular skirt if:

    - your legs are thick/stumpy/short comparedf to the rest of your body.

    - your thighs rub together excessively, i.e. you'll end up with red marks all over on your inside thighs

    Other than that, if you're very short, wear high heels with a mini skirt, as it will always make your legs appear shorter than they're actually are.

    • Haha,yea I'm short.I actually put it on and it looked like a long ass skirt.:-( haha,not meant for me!I gave it to a friend

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  • If I had a problem with scars showing, I'd be a complete hypocrite.

    I'd say that you shouldn't wear a skirt if it's too revealing, or if it's really windy. Other than that, I don't care.

  • I'm sure you're scars wouldn't be enough to make me avert my eyes if you were hot.

    I don't think fat, thick, or stumpy chicks should wear short skirts though.

    OK. Now I sound like a pervert and may have some fatties get mad at me. Oh well.

    • Haha...I don't think you sound like a perv,but what would "thick" be considered?Or is that another word for fat?

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  • A girl shouldn't wear skirts if the occasion doesn't call for it. But it depends on how revealing the skirt is. But that skirt would be fine on most occassions. I think other than that if the skirt makes you look worse than it makes you look good, then people shouldn't wear them.

  • fat girls, if your thighs are rubbing together no one wants to see it. Just because some fat girls are comfortable enough to wear a skirt doesn't mean they should because it causes some of us to feel nauseous.

    • So true.

    • I love how I got down arrows for speaking the truth, everyone's seen a fat girl wearing a shirt skirt and thought, "why the f*ck is she wearing that?!"

  • When she's too fat and have unattractive legs. mean, but true