Can piercing an ear be addicting?

OK so here's the thing. Just about every girl has one piercing on their ears. Anyway I wanted to get a third piercing which was going to be on my upper ear. I told the person I worked with at my job that I wanted a third piercing and he said once I get it pierced I will want more parts of my body to be pierced. Do you believe that is true? I really only want just one piercing. I don't want to go overboard and get one on my lip or my tongue. I'm not interested in that. All I simply want is one piercing on my upper ear because I think it would look cute. Is that true that once I get this piercing I may go overboard and want more?


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  • who told you that? that's just stupid, unless there's something wrong with the person who told u, and he's the one who need to go to a psychiatric hospital. don't worry bout it, you won't get addicted as long as you re still normal


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  • If you want it just for the look, then it is probably not an issue. If you crave the adrenaline rush, then be careful. I can not speak for everyone, but for me they are very addictive. It is more the act of the piercing than the after effects. I currently only have single earlobe piercings, but have self-pierced many times just for the rush. I have not done it in several years, by sometimes I still have to fight the urge in order to avoid an escalating self-destructive cycle.


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  • Haha well some get addicted, but it's mostly tattoos.

    But don't worry I'm sure you won't get addicted. You clearly said that you do NOT want more.

    I got 4 piercings in my ears and I don't want more =)

  • If you only want one piercing then you only want one piercing, simple as that :)

    Getting a piercing is not addictive.