What should I wear to the movies?

I have a thing with this guy, he wanted to watch a movie with me for a while and we finally are on Saturday. I want to wear something cute but comfy.. like leggings.. any ideas?


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  • Wear a red dress with high heels... Don't watch IT though, that movie was shit.

    • really? I wanted to watch that! but we r going to watch kingsman. and i want to wear something simple but cute,, like i don't want to look like i took 5 hours to dress up and dress all fancy

    • I really want to watch that movie. But, I'm kidding with the dress, just wear something casual and cute if you want. IT wasn't good, not even scary. It was more like a thriller than a scary movie with shitty CGI.

    • oh haha! okay thanks

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  • Show off you best asset! Whether it be leggings or a cute shirt. But be causal.

    • thats what i was thinking, thanks :).

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