How can I learn to apply makeup?

I wanna start wearing makeup but the problem is no one in my family wears makeup so I never learnt how to apply it

How do I know what foundation and concealar and highlighter is the right shade for my skin?
Do all girls / women who wear makeup need to use contour and bronzer?
Whats the best way to apply eyeliner? I have tried and tried but my eyes not only get watery I can't get the eyeliner line straight

I dont wanna wear a lot of makeup I want it to look natural


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  • YouTube

    • I have but I didn't find them helpful bit the comments above have been helpful Thank you for your reply

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    • Na not worth it

    • Lawyer will advise this only 😀

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  • This is me a year ago, haha. I never wear makeup until recently, i don't even know such things as primer exist 😅

    Youtube helps me a lot. They usually give you beginners make up tutorial, and what essential things that you need. Try eith drugstore products for practice so you won't have to spent tons of money. I watched Shaaanxo a lot, she's really nice and explains well. Jacylin Hill or Laura Lee helps me a lot on improving my skill.

    As for your shades, i tried to figure it out myself, but you can always ask someone at the makeup counter to help you. it's important to match your face with your neck.

    Bronzing probably needed if you're a paler skin or you use a palet foundation and need to warm your skin up. As for contouring, it's not necessary unless you're going full glam because contourind tends to emphasize that you're wearing make up.

    Eyeliner is my nemesis too. Find the best eyeliner type that is easier for you. felt tip or crayon works well for me. Kat Von D tatoo liner is super easy to use, and I'm reaaaally bad at doing eyeliner 😅

    You can find heaps more info on YouTube :) Good luck!


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  • Contour and bronzer are two different things. Since you're a beginner I'd suggest stick to bronzer first. Contour gives shadows bronzer gives warmth. Watch youtube videos. Go in stores and swatch see what colors you like the best in yourself ask for advices and talk to the people working in the beauty stores you go to.

    • Thank you for your help thank you

  • Go to a makeup store and ask them some questions they can help, to find out your shade is kinda easy/hard I will put a little on my face and see if it matches. You do not need to contour if you don't want to

    • I went to a place where they sell makeup the girl I spoke to said I need liquid foundation because I have dry skin but it feels sticky and like I have glue on my face and the foundation she chose for me I dont know it looks cakey especially when applying it around my nose stud ill try again ill go to another store and speak to someone else Thank you for youe help

  • Try some easy makeup first. So instead of full coverage foundation, try a BB-cream. The shades are a lot easier since most of them only have a few and you can apply it like a moisturizer.
    For concealer I think it's easier to match your skin. You just go to a drugstore and try some on your face and see if it blends away.
    I find most youtubers not really helpful either, but 1 really is helpful. She's called Rachhloves and she does these 'beginner makeup guide and tips' turtorials.
    This is a link for the foundation one.
    Contour is quite difficult in the beginning I think, so is eyeliner so I would start with just mascara, bb-cream, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter and a lip tint.
    Other than that, makeup is a lot of trial and error. I've been wearing makeup since I was 14 and I still fail at eyeliner and finding the right shade.

  • Youtube. Search tutorials. You'll find everything

    • Thank you I have tried youtube but the tutorials I find the girls dont give step by step instructions or they apply a lot of products and when they show the end result it looks like they have too much makeup on

    • Maybe search more specific stuff like... basic makeup tutorial, what makeup do i need... etc?

    • Thats a good idea thank you

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