Guys can wear skirts and heels too... right?

Why is there such rigidity when it comes to fashion? Why are guys wearing heels and skirts accepted by the society?
  • Guys can wear skirts and heels too....right??Heels
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  • Guys can wear skirts and heels too....right??Skirts
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  • I say wear whatever you'd like, doesn't bother me. Just be prepared to face some negative push back from some others. Not everyone is as open minded as you seem to be.


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  • Clothing as a vehicle for social oppression is a very real thing. What you describe is, in fact, inefficient clothing used specifically to sexualize the "lesser" sex. A century ago such distinctions didn't really exist in clothing as most of it was practical for the entire population or based on practicality regarding materials.


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  • We're it if u wanna look gay


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