Do you make your own shampoo&conditioner?

If yes, could you help me with a recipe? I’ve curly hair, which tends to be dry. I want to incorporate aloe vera in both.
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  • i used to wash my hair with baking soda and use vinagar with water after washing.

    Now i wash it only with water.

    You can try it.

  • But I like to condition my hair with coconut oil for 1-3 ours before washing it

  • Aloe vera is actually quite a drying ingredient and is a cheap filler that people think is good for everything. It's not.

    Do light rinses, instead of full on shampooing, with pure sodium laureth sulfate, often sold for laundering delicates. You can find it on E-Bay. Then use a light dressing of coconut oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil, and dimethicone when hair is still wet, and use it to tame frizz and groom hair every couple days once hair is dry.

    • Well aloe vera has proved its worth to me many times. Sulfate is bad for your hair however. I’ve used oils on my hair after showering before, ot only makes it sag.

    • A very mild sulfate that you let wash over your hair instead of scrubbing your hair has proven useful to many people. The method I recommended works for many people with very curly hair. Of course, not everything will work with everyone.

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