Girls, what do you look for on a first date?

What are some things girls look for or want to know about a guy on the first date?


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  • On a first date you just want to have fun and see how you two interact with each other. You can talk about school, job, friends.. If the date goes well, at the end of the night ask her on a second date and plan it then. That will show the girl you are interested. Focus on light, fun conversation. Talk about interests and don't be afraid to get a little silly. When a guy gets silly on a first day it shows that he is very comfortable and fun. Discussing previous relationships (although interesting and you're probably curious) the first date is not the time for that. There are 4 questions that you should ask yourself and your date.. 1. What do you think of me? (You're fun, smart, etc.) 2. How do you feel about me?(I am attracted to you and would love to see you again. Are you busy Friday?) 3. What are your short term goals? (Graduate school, get a good job, etc) 4. What are your long term goals? (Open a business, move across the country, etc) If a girl doesn't think a guy is interested in her then she might lose interest right away so make sure you get the point across. If a guy has no motivation or passion she will think the guy is just focused on the today and the now. Having a plan and goals shows that he thinks about the future and is mature.

    • Just curious, when is the time to ask about past relationships, or what their looking for?

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  • 1. Similar interests.

    2. Polite and considerate.

    3. Enjoying themselves, showing signs that they're interested in me; asking me questions about myself that show that they're interested in getting to know me (rather than just talking about themselves).

    4. Conversation that flows relatively easily.

    5. Has a good personality.

  • I look at his body language to see if he's enjoying himself, personally to me that's the best win ever is if I make a guy feel better and more comfortable around me. I also like chivalry like if he leads me to the table and takes out my chair for me because I'm very shy and get awkward in publically social situations. I like if the guy is charming and makes good conversation that is generally about me, so that I don't think he's conceited and what not. I also like to share certain life stories like special memories or perhaps philosophies, generally intelligent conversation (then again I just can't stand a dim-witted person). All and all I want a smart, cute, funny, intelligent, and not necessarily emotional guy but at least honest about his past and opinions.


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