Short hair, yay or nay?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and planning on pretty short hair. I have two guy friends, one of them said that he didn't care what hair cut I got as long as it wasn't short. And the other said that short hair will make any woman go from an 8 to a 3. What do you think?

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  • Go for whatever you feel like... i have a friend she told me she was going to get them short and i thought it won't be great , but once she did it it looked great on her... So i don't think that someone else can say anything about it... though in the first place i like woman with long straight hair but who knows who one might end up falling for!!!
    Not 8 to 3 for sure!!

  • some girls pull it off, however, i prefer the longer hairstyle.
    its a bit more feminen i suppose
    but then again, i might be old fashioned XD

  • I'd have to see it for myself. Shorter hairstyles can really vary. Some can really rock it while some can look a little crazy, haha. Do what you want, tho. You shouldn't let other people dictate what you do with your looks. Good luck! 😊

    • Thanks, I was just curious on guys thoughts. I already made up my mind weeks ago XD

  • If you want short hair get it, sounds like if they don't like it they can deal with it

    I mean, it's YOUR hair, not theirs.

  • My best friend has a pixie cut and is one of the most attractive people I know but it does depend on the person

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