How do people get such smooth skin?

I see some people that you can simply tell they have good skin from afar. Paying a closer look, I'm not sure if it's entirely related to blemishes and the like as much as skin texture and possibly even bone structure? I don't get breakouts and pimples anymore, but my skin still looks pretty bad under some lighting (plenty of imperfections, like pores, maybe some pimple scars and just uneven colours and the like).

Like, what is that related to exactly. I don't want any bullshit non-answer "answer" like "genetics". Is it more collagen production?


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  • It's related to nutrition and hormones too. Everyone always comments on my skin saying I look far younger than my age (guys don't always believe my age initially), all I do is stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water regularly. (Disclaimer: I also have no medical conditions that would counter doing so).

    • A lot of factors affect hormones, so reduce stress, get enough sleep etc, stay hydrated, protect from sun damage, maintain a good skincare routine if you live in polluted areas and aim for a hormonal balance via healthy balanced nutrition and exercise to promote blood flow, lower alcohol consumption and smoking etc.

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    • You're welcome 🙂

    • Yeah, meant that as a thank you note. lol Sorry.

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  • Healthy fats in my diet, and I use body scrubs/coconut oil.

    • I think people hardly ever mention the importance of them in one's diet. Far as I know, they help with proper hormone functioning.

    • Yep, and promote healthy hair, skin and nails; )

  • Genetics mostly. I honestly don't do anything to my skin. I just wash it and it never breaks out. When I was a teenager I used to have bacne though. Surprisingly, white toothpaste saved me *shrugs*.

  • a good skin care routine and a semi good diet

  • Your diet and lifestyle is a cause of it


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