They look at me like I've got a third eye or something?

I'm just really curious about this. I'm in the US military and right now I'm stationed in Korea, I've been to several other countries. And I just want to know why every time I'm in another country they look at me like I've got a third eye or something and then once I tell the I'm in the military they look at me even crazier. I just want to know what's up with this guys really Americans aren't that different from the rest of the world. Or is it just that half of you guys hate us (from personal experience). Anyways can some one enlighten me please.


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  • Maybe you really are just THAT ugly?

    That was a joke, don't get offended. Women in uniform aren't all that common would be my guess? Hard to say, next time ask whoever is stareing at you, would get you the bets answer.

    • I knew some one would say that you guys are so predictable. Thanks for answering though that's a good possibility

    • Sorry if that offended you. Was just playin around.


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  • hey, my mom was in the military also, so I've been all over as well. For one, it really depends on which country you are in. when we were in italy, we ALWAYS got stared at, however, in okinawa (japan), they were used to seeing americans (especially military) so there weren't that many stares. My mom was stationed in korea also and yes, she was always being stared at. But the main reason was because she was black and MANY of them had never seen black people before. A few times, people would even walk up to her and rub her skin to see if it would 'come off'

    AAAnyway, they stare at us for many reasons. maybe it's the way you dress or look, or the fact that you don't look like them at all. ya never know...well most times you can figure it out. :)

    • Hahaha! No way! Really? They would seriously walk up to her and rub her skin?

    • Yea, or they liked to take pictures with you (that happened to me...) :P

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