Do black men ( sufficiently ) promote the beauty of black women?

Is their phenotype being honored by us?

Prominent nose, lips, behind etc.

Do black men ( sufficiently ) promote the beauty of black women?Do black men ( sufficiently ) promote the beauty of black women?Do black men ( sufficiently ) promote the beauty of black women?

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  • Yes it's obvious that black men, especially in the USA don't respect and honor their women. How do you expect other men to respect them when you treat them so bad and humiliate them all the time online?

    My African American friend told me that this is the very same reason why their are so many black single mothers. It's because their men don't make them feel wanted or pretty, So as soon as a black guy gives them attention they give in super fast and end up with a kid and single mother status.


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  • From what I see - no...
    by the way., the second girl is black?

    • Her dad is biracial

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    • @IvoirianGirl20 I disagree... I learned quite a bit. I didn't argue. You should probably learn the difference between arguing and debating an issue...

    • @LittleSally I will not participate in encouraging you to think that educating yourself from topics you may not know off is the best idea. Sorry, not sorry ๐Ÿ‘‹

  • unfortunately not as much as they should :(

  • I personally feel like people in general should promote natural beauty all together and support everyone's differences. Man kind comes in all various shades, shapes, etc. And they are all uniquely beautiful. No one is superior or inferior, that's just lame. And black women of course should know their beautiful, because they are!! But while looks are great, people should also think about how they behave and act. Looks aren't everything in a person's worth.

    • I didn't necessarily imply that anyone was superior.๐Ÿ’– I agree tho

    • Oh sorry!!! I didn't mean for you to read it that way. I was just referencing to people sometimes judging people for looking a certain way. I was trying to emphasize that everyone's beautiful and they should love themselves no matter the race or look lol

    • Indeed.

  • No, they don't promite anything. How about a natural black women with no weave or makeup. I know that it's mainly black women who say that mixed hair is good and kinky hair is bad and in general black women love and envy mixed girl. Rarely do black men actually talk to our black women about these issues.

    • We do on the internet but not in person. It's kinda rude to walk up to a girl and just spark up a conversation about weave. I'd like to see weave and make-up be done away with as well.

  • No sadly but i notice some white men or Italian Brazilian men would compliment me a lot your skin is beautiful I love your lips and so on ๐Ÿค”

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