Why does my skin get oily in the winter? It gets more dry in the summer. It's the opposite of most?

And what should I do about it?


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  • Not sure. Are you putting any products on your skin that might be causing your body to overcompensate one way or the other?

    I would NOT use an astringent in the winter when you have oily skin. That just makes things worse. I'd use a gentle cleanser like something from Cetaphil (is kind of pricey, but there are generics) and then a water-based moisturizer. You could even just use aloe vera gel since it is oil free and I like to keep some around just in case I do get some sunburn or an acne medication severely dries me out. Eventually, with enough gentle cleansing of the oil and replenishing with moisture, your skin should produce less of its own oils. Just make sure to avoid any of the natural oil or butter based moisturizers. Also, since I see you have a fair complexion, I'd use a sunscreen made for oily skin as well. Avoid benzoyl peroxide based cleansers or creams if you have breakouts, and just use a salicylic acid scrub in the shower (like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub you can find at most drug stores) and some salicylic acid toner on your face before you apply the oil-free moisturizer or sunscreen.

    For summer, I would switch over to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion. If you don't like scented lotions, you can get the fragrance free. It really makes the skin supple and feels amazing. It has many of the same ingredients used for both anti-aging and stretch mark reduction too, which helps with any acne scarring. I'd use it all over the body, even the face. Yes, it contains oils, but it isn't nearly as oily as using pure coconut oil or raw shea butter. You can start using benzoyl peroxide washes and lotions if you have summer breakouts, but you have to be consistently routine in the application of it, even if you don't have acne all the time. I also like using Bio-Oil which you can find on Amazon for a decent price. Really is great for reducing scarring.


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  • Drink more water. Sometimes your skin produces extra oils from being dehydrated. Use some water based products, a mattifying cleanser and toner and maybe a water based face cream. Do masks twice a week and don't touch your face ever! It will make your face produce even more oil


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  • I think it's good I guess. Oily skin when it's cold and dry and dry skin when it hot and humid.

    • Dry skin is pretty easy to deal with lotion oils cocoa butter.

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