How can your hair look shiny and healthy like this?

[IMG] link if you straighten your hair every day since one year?


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  • -Use heat protectants when using heating appliances

    -Eat a balanced diet.Fruits,vegetables and lean beef and poultry

    -Take a multi-vitamin,it can help with vitamins and minerals you could be missing

    -Deep condition it once a week

    -Use a hot oil treatment once a month

    -Foods that are good for hair are:eggs,oatmeal,carrots,banana's,avocado's,apples,nuts,salmon,cucmbers and beans.Of course a well balanced diet is most important.Eat everything in moderation

    -Use the correct products for your hair type,dry,oily,normal,curly,straight,wavy and combinations of hair type and moisture levels


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  • not sure I understand your question. Do you mean how is it not damaged because of all the heat from straightening it every day for a year?

    Heat protectants. As long as you deep condition your hair, eat right, and protect your hair from the heat with something like a straightening serum or heat protectant than your hair will be fine.

    most flat irons are now made to put the ions (moisturizers) back into your hair so that the heat won't fry it.

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