Can I be a Model?

So I always wanted to be a model ever since I was kid but I had to hide that cause I am not perfect candidate for the modelling career. I am inspired and always dreamt of walking down the runway. People tell me that I better stick to something that I can be able to do or i could be accepted in.
I am:
- 5'1 ft; 154.94 cm.
- 60 kg; 132.277 lbs.
- Asian.
- Pear shaped body.
- Good sense in fashion.
- 6/10 in face (yes, I am judging myself)

I am trying to lose my weight and I guess I can work on that area but my height and body shape might be a problem.
I'm more attracted to Japanese fashion and modelling but their modelling requirements are mad.
Do I have a chance in Modelling? Because plus size/petite modelling in Asian is still less recognized.


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  • There is absolutely no chance of you doing runway modelling.

    My daughter is younger than you, she's had offers to get in to modelling. The reason for that is that she is 9-10" taller than you (and weighs less). You could get the weight off, but 5'1" runway is not happening.

    Online modelling, things like that, maybe. But high fashion they want girls who are tall, period.


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  • There Facebook models
    And Instagram models


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  • I have dated a few models and have others that are friends. Some were finalists in national beauty pageants, and one was an international winner. Asians are included.

    They are all at least 5'7", and average about 5''10". The ones that are over 5'10" might be your weight. They are all very pretty in the face, 9's, and 10's. Most of them started modeling by the time they were 13 years old, one when she was about 4.

    So, no, you have zero chance.

  • Why not

  • sure you can do whatever you set your mind too


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