What do you think about girls have lips surgery to have thicker lips?

I think mostly they lose their beauty rather than becoming more beatiful


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  • It depends, if someone wants to change something on their body it's because they don't feel confortable with what they have, it may not look the best for you but it can be the best for somebody else

    • You are right I am just wondering am I the only one thinking like that

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  • I agree, I haven't ever understood how anyone can want to have any kind of plastic surgery

    • Cancer victims might be happy to get a reconstruction. I can totally understand that they want these plastic surgeries.

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    • @Boxed_Phoenix you wrote "any kind" and I replied to that

    • @Sucram I forgot to specify that I was talking about trivial surgery, as "any kind" meant "any kind of trivial plastic surgery, such as Botox injections, silicone implants and injections, etc..."
      My bad, shame me if you want, I'll repent anyway and will try to be more accurate next time I talk

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  • I think its unfortunate women feel the need to inject fake shit into their body.

  • Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't.


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