Do guys like old fashioned girls?

Like that can cook (like not frozen or boxed) and clean and has morals and values doesn't dress like a slut.


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  • Absolutely :) I want a girl like that. But, for me, she has to be non-judgmental, confident, edgy and able to have some fun as well.


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  • Some will, some won't. Whether a woman can cook or not is pretty much irrelevant to me. If I love her that's all the matters. I don't expect a woman to do all the cooking. I can cook too and sometimes I enjoy it. She's not a maid and I'd try to do my share of the housework. A woman shouldn't have to be servile to make a man happy.

    As for being old fashioned, I'm not a big fan. The term 'old fashioned' to me equates to religious and conservative (correct me if I'm wrong). I can respect other people's beliefs but I don't think I'd be compatible with a girl like that.

    • You're wrong. old-fashioned is an attitude :) I'm neither religious nor conservative, just old-fsahioned romantic :) and I don't act like a slut

    • What I said was that it represented those qualities to me, not in general. I suppose it means different things to different people. I tend to associate the world old-fashioned with women being placed in a subservient role.

      I define my own morals and values and I value female empowerment. Stuff like cooking and cleaning does not win brownie points with me. Neither does sexual "purity". If a woman is bold enough to be sexually open, I actually respect that. Slut is not a word in my vocabulary.

  • I would disagree with your definition of "old fashioned" but yeah, cooking, cleaning, morals, nonsluttyness are good things.

    • So what's you definion of oldfashioned?:)

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