Is it hard to find makeup that matches your skin tone?

I was watching some tv and the girls makeup looked terrible. Their faces looked like they had a thin layer of dried mud all over it (a kind of yellow/brown color). Their face didn't match the rest of their skin tone. So there are many things that could be making this the case, is it that they put on tons of makeup because they are going to be on tv? Is it because of the cameras used to film the show? Do these girls just not know what kind of foundation ( I'm guessing thats what it is) matches their skin?


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  • It's very hard. Depends on the lighting how you look. But also finding a shade that perfectly fits your skin. I mean, I have a very pale skin, and the palest tone matches my body. However, if I put it on my face, I look like a ghost. But one tone darker, and I look like an Oompa loompa xD I gave up foundation long ago.


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