How can I spice up my fashion and beauty vlog?

Both girls and guys can answer this question, because I want lots of ideas.

I started a fashion and beauty vlog about a week ago. The main thing I'm doing is an outfit of the day, though I do product reviews as well. I meant for this vlog to be something where other people would trade tips and give new ideas, along with fun requests.

However, I have very few subscribers, and I don't know how to get more. What can I do to make my vlog more exciting and set it apart from the rest? And how can I get more subscribers?

My channel is kbaker90, if you care to check it out.


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  • I watched part of a video and liked it. I haven't watched enough to know if you do this already or not but...

    You can do theme outfits, like first day of school, movie date, beach outfit, etc

    --A lot of people, including me, have no idea no what is appropriate or not

    Makeup tutorials

    Hair tutorials

    Outfit under $25


    Outfits from different decades, etc


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  • Bubzbeauty has a video on tips about this,I'll find it for you:

    1)Subscribe to other "guru's and ask them to check out your vlog.

    2)Add random people as friends

    3)Start off with a really popular type of viewed videos...

  • i have a blog except its not a vblog, just a regular one. goodluck with your blog. since your on youtube (im assuming) I'd say you should go around adding people as your friend for exposure. tila tequila got famous from myspace, she went around adding bunches of people and got famous from word of mouth

    comment on other vblogs and just let your personality shine through. everyone is gonna have a unique perspective that will make your vblog different than the next girls