Girls what are turn ons and turn offs?

It could be anything that a guy does or wears


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  • Turn ons -

    nice cologne (smells good)

    nice body - not totally ripped but muscles appear sumwer...ABS, Arms, Legs

    nice hair - IMO I like a guy with nice styled hair more like little spiked a bit like Sean Faris (actor)

    White clean shoes - it shows he takes care of his appearance to such details

    Gentlemen-like - if he treats you like a proper respected classy lady

    Turn offs -

    Mr Casanova - A guy that THINKS he can get any girl

    Breath - Nasty smell

    Unibrow - I don't like guys with uni brows

    Hairy - Guys who have too much hair on their backs and bellys.

    Needy - if he keeps msgin and calling and sweet talking all the time


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  • turn ons: in looks: chain (one - silver/gold), baseball hat, sort of baggy pants, or tight pants, haircut that suits his face, hoodie, nice smile/teeth, muscles

    in personality: funny, sweet, smart, caring

    all or any of the above

  • Turn ons:

    good taste in music



    casual but not creeper touching

    Turn offs:

    the dirtstache (you know, those 5 hairs on a guy's upper lip that he refuses to shave off)

    the goat fuzz beard (relative of the dirtstache)

    having too big of expectations for a girls appearance

    wearing jewelry that makes him look like a D-bag

  • Turn on- If he smells good, if he shows that he knows some culture (Music, like not pop music but some real music, plays an instrument, knows artists, reads books, stuff like that) smiling, a good style, can cook, likes kids

    Turn off- bad breath, talks on and on about sports or workouts he does, a douche to people, talking wayy to close up up to my face, buzz cuts, bad style

  • turn ons it has to be his personality. funny and a gentlemen. also great looking body

    turn offs not respectful and lazy at anything

  • when a guy wears a V neck shirt that is not his undershirt complete turn off!


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