Fed up with my luck!

Need advice guys. Every girl that I seem to have crush on always seems to like somebody else, they seem to go for the guys that dress ghetto and talk tough even though there all talk and one slap they would be on the floor. I mean am tall 6ft, sophisticated , dress sharp, women say am good looking lad that I should be able to get anyone I want but still, am starting to doubt myself, just because I have a innocent looking face that doesn't mean I can't look after myself. Is it me or just meeting the wrong women?


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  • You're attracted to the wrong women.

    Why would you be interested in a woman that likes the kind of guys that wear "ghetto" attire? Or the kind of woman that is attracted to a thug wannabe?

    Look for a different kind of woman. If you can't find a nice woman who prefers the company of a well dressed, nice guy, you're looking in the wrong places.Change your environment a bit. Maybe start going to places that nice women go to.

    • Thanks mate, the funny thing is these women are sophisticated types, and they don't look like women who go after wannabe bad boys.

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  • My case is just the same... But for me, it's the guys who always seem to like someone else more than they like me.

    Personally, I hate those so calles 'ghetto-types'... They're all talking and putting up a scene, but no feelings...

    I hope for you that you'll find the right girl for you ^^ You seem nice enough to deserve one.

    x. M


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  • Sometimes trying to hard makes it worse. Keep trying just a matter of finding someone who likes you, more you try the better you get at it.

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