Ingrown Hair Help :*(

If you have ingrown hair say on the back of your arms..and they come up as little do you get rid of them?


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  • i can relate, I get ingrown hairs on my bikini line, and it sucks. The best thing to do in use a pair of tweezers and pull the hair out of the red bump but don't pull it out completely if that makes any sense. The ingrown hair is mostlikely from shaving so if you just let the hair grow the bumps will go away.

    • Alrigh tthanks lots..mayb I should just stop shaving them. Do you think if I exfoliate there that it would reduce the bumps even if I do shave?

    • It will but, lots of girls have hair o there arms. So don't feel bad about it.

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  • try using the kind of soap you would use on acne, like an acne body wash and scrub your arms in the shower

    • Thanks :) ill try that

  • are you sure that this is ingrown hair? I have also little bumps on the vack of my arms but I don`t shave them and a few years ago my dermatologist gave me something against it and it became good but after a time I forgot to lubricate it and then I was too lazy to do it ...

    • Yeh I know its ingrown hair because I do shave them and I tried tweezing them out and its hair. It sucks really bad.