Are girls realy mystical or is it an illusion?

Every girl I have ever known except one has a dream catcher in there room. Something to connect them to that mystical world at the edge of human imagination. No guy including myself that I know has a dream catcher. My friend Melisa will sometimes take me to a cemetery sit indian style and without saying a word go into a deep meditation. My friend Amy is an artist and loves drawing pictures of Unicorns. Because of this whenever I meet a girl who is just like hey lets grab a beer I am completely thrown off. Because of my experiences I think a girl is going to talk about romance a lot and the deeper levels of love. When things like this don't happen I kind of feel disappointed. Are they supposed to happen? Are women really magical and mystical and all that or do I just have weird girls that are friends. Is it normal for me to think a girl thinks about Unicorns or is this just an illusion. Do women see each other this way or is it only us guys that see women this way. Thanks for your help ladies.


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  • i have a dreamcatcher two actually I've had them since I was 11 I just used to think they would help with nightmares which they didn't so now there just decoration! I don't know any girl who thinks about unicorns !and as for your friend sitting the graveyard em ok do not know anyone that does that and me personally would be a little freaked out!

    but to be honest the people I know are more likely(including myself) to say d you want to get a drink than say something about romance and all I don't know if that's an irish thing or anything but we still do believe in romance and want it as much as anyone juts I think more likely to hear us say lets get a drink than some story about how we want love

    • What the heck is a dream catcher... sounds interesting :o)

    • Its like a round thing hat is kinda neted and has feathers on it it looks nice sounds horrible but does look nice its supposed to stop you from having nightmares or summit !! but it doesn't work lol

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  • It's only you and a selected few other guys that think this way. Every girl is different. Sure the idea of a magical mystical world in meditation is fascinating to some of us, but at some point or another they have to get their head out of the clouds unless they plan on doing that for a living.

    We live in the here and now, facing challenges everyday, having to make a living to actually LIVE. Your basing all women off your friends. Your only going to get majorly disappointed if you don't see that most are very different.

    Sure I like unicorns, I would like to learn to meditate, magic rocks, and fantasy would be an awesome thing if it were real (I LOVE dragons) BUT the fact is is that I work a boring job everyday to pay the bills and buy things I want and sometimes a drink sounds good at the end of the day.

    • That doesn't have to be reality. There is magic everywhere not only in the clouds. ;)

      Reality 1000 years ago was a different reality from todays live in a box, systematical consumerist society.

    • Oh yeah, I don't doubt that. I can feel it in the air at times but todays systematical consumerist society is what we have had to adapt to. And I LOVE to get away from that any chance I get and usually it's laying under the stars wishing there were a place like that I could go to forever....but grabbing a drink and hangin out is a nice cure for boredom too =P

      I'm into tarot and magic and dragons and love to go to renaissance fest but I know I can't live in that world. It'd be nice. ; )

  • My mom gave me a dream catcher last month because I was having nightmares every night, but I don't have any connection to it. . .it doesn't even work.

    I've never thought of girls that way. I ask a lot of questions about life and think about the deeper meaning of pretty much everything, but I'm not really focused on love and romance (or unicorns, for that matter). I don't necessarily think that girls are "mystical," I just think most girls think about things in a way that guys don't. A lot of guys just see what's in front of them while girls see things as being deeper, more meaningful. It's just the way our brains work.


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