Guys: what kinda clothes/style do you like on a girl?

like, what clothes do you find the best, and be specific






ext, ext, ext


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  • I personally think I prefer a simple look that's not too outrageously revealing, but still cool and classy. I think simple dresses look nice, I like those little slip on shoes that I see everywhere, and for some reason I dig glasses on a woman. I think it would be easier for me to just say what I don't find attractive. I'm not a fan of large, stupid jewelry, I think thirteen inch heels look ridiculous, and I'm not a fan of the outrageous, multi-colored hair styles that are popular amongst the punk/emo crowd. For me, a woman wouldn't have to fit into my preferences perfectly. I'm just giving you an ideal look, in my opinion. I'm sure that my answer has not helped you in any way, but good look with whatever you decide to do.

    • Thanks, and I agree with you 100%

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