Beauty Marks? yes? no?

I have a heart shaped beauty mark on my back and a tiny little one on my cheek. My ex really didn't like them, he said that they were "blemishes on a perfectly good body." I like them and I was wondering what y'all thought about it.


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  • haha that actually sounds hella sexy. I think beauty marks are a turn on, but it really depends. Moles are the ones you should feel worried about.


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  • Wtf is a beauty mark? Could you by any chance be talking about a mole?

    • A beauty mark, is a dark mark on your skin that is not a mole. It often times is just a random dark blotch but sometimes it can be shaped like something. A port wine stain on someones face is a technical beauty mark.

    • *Sigh* Ignorance. You just described moles.

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  • Your ex was a moron,no wonder he's an ex.

    I have them.One of mine is on my upper right arm,it's green and a perfect circle.While my mom has always been suspicious about it because I didn't have it when I was born,but when they brought me back I had it,it's just there.Little kids will press it like it's a button.It doesn't stick out on anything it looks like a tattoo.

    I have one on my back too.

  • everyone's going to like different things and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. many of my friends have beauty marks, I don't hate or like them, I am neutral on the matter and some guys don't care.