How do guys feel about stretch marks?

I have them on my inner thigh and hip and I have never really asked my boyfriend if it bothers him even tho I know he sees them and I hate them


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  • Common question found on here.

    Most common answer is that they're too busy enjoying the feast that is you to care, much less notice, and I'm of the same mind.

    Besides, it's the little scars/freckles/stretch marks that make us all different. Anything that specializes my girl I like.


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  • They don't bother me at all. Don't worry about it lol


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  • I have quite a few of them and used to hate them, but guys never notice or care. So now I just ignore them. Seems like most people have at least a few.

    • Actually I had at least one boyfriend who liked them and thought they were cool lmao.

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